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Is your life limited by

Hilary is committed to EXTRAORDINARY RELIEF so you can be more fully alive and do the things you’ve been missing out on.

Her approach is no nonsense, which means just getting it done.  No long processes. Simple, Fast, Easy & Highly Effective sessions make her a highly sought after Accelerated Relief Specialist.


Hilary Gatehouse
Accelerated Relief Specialist

(416) 452-6018

Imagine What it Would be Like to Literally Feel Better Now!

  • Experience on-the-spot relief
    from pain or discomfort
  • Notice stubborn chronic conditions diminish
  • Start to move with more Confidence & Ease
  • See and Feel the recovery process in action
  • Be in the highest possible ZONE for important events
  • Feel calm and confident
  • Do the things you have been missing out on

Imagine What it Would be Like to Literally Feel Better Now!

  • Experience on-the-spot relief
    from pain or discomfort
  • Notice stubborn chronic conditions diminish
  • Start to move with more Confidence & Ease
  • See and Feel the recovery process in action
  • Be in the highest possible ZONE for important events
  • Feel calm and confident
  • Do the things you have been missing out on

Are You Ready To Breathe Easier, Feel More Confident, And Live Life On Your Terms?

Hilary combines science with her mastery of the mind-body connection to accelerate relief from stress, anxiety, and related conditions.
Her work produces very REAL RESULTS – FAST

Hilary has worked with hundreds of men & women in Europe, Australia, North America and South America to produce immediate, on the spot relief.

She has been featured on several Radio Shows for her ability to help clients release physical/emotional pain in minutes!

She has a 98% success rate, meaning 98% of the time her clients come away feeling better; sometimes experiencing 100% permanent relief, from Stress, Anxiety, and even Chronic issues that have plagued them for years.

Hilary is also a Reiki Master and holds certifications in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Myers Briggs, Mediation, Communication Wheel & Life Coaching.

Hilary is known for her ability to produce results FAST!


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“Still can’t believe it! All it took was 5 minutes of Hilary working on me to relieve my back pain. The pain is almost 100% gone. The difference is like day & night.”
– Diane Grys


“This is a note to let anyone and everyone know what my experience was working with Hilary. In 5 Minutes she was able to relieve me of years of intense back and shoulder pressure and tightness. Within minutes of her working on me I felt a relief I didn’t know existed. I highly recommend reaching out to Hilary for any stress, discomfort or pain. She is the real deal.”
– DL


“Unbelievable!  – My son recovered so quickly that the doctors and nurses are calling him the miracle kid.

When my son was hit by a car I was devastated. However, it was our good fortune that I discovered Hilary Gatehouse and her exceptional Injury Recovery work.

Hilary, I cannot thank you enough for the role that you have played in the past couple of weeks. Without a doubt I am certain that your work helped him. Not only that but you really helped me with my anxiety over all this as well.”
– Sandy Vanditti


“After about a week of major flu symptoms (fever, chills, coughing, no energy or appetite), I had a session with Hilary. The next morning, the fever and chills were mostly gone and my energy and appetite were much better.

Thank you Hilary for whatever it is that you do…it works!”


“I worked with Hilary for about 15min and she was able to instantly give me relief from my fatigue and a burning sensation in my eyes. I’ve dealt with a sleep disorder for many years, and often feel tired and drained. Often I feel a burning sensation in my eyes, which is uncomfortable. The pain level went from a 6 to a 3 in a matter of minutes. I was amazed.

If you have any pain or discomfort, and are seeking some type of relief, definitely schedule some time with Hilary. You’ll be surprised what a difference it will make spending just a few minutes with her!”
– Joseph Rea


“Last week when I had severe sinusitis Hilary was able lower my pain significantly, making me feel much better and allowing me to get on with my day.

Thank you Hilary!”
– Michele Maher


“For the past 3 years I had suffered from debilitating sciatica shooting down my left leg.

As luck would have it, I experienced a session with Hilary Gatehouse.

Within 10 minutes the sciatica was gone. I stood up and took a few steps just to test out the results and sure enough, NO MORE PAIN. 

I’m amazed and delighted!  Thank you, Hilary.”
– Joyce N


“I was suffering great pain in my ankle after an accident. Within 5 minutes Hilary had reduced the pain to almost zero. The next day the pain was completely gone like it was never an issue. I don’t know how she does it but Hilary is some kind of miracle healer who I am recommending to my own mother…. and anyone else who is suffering. “
– Gabby


Hi Hilary! I want to say thank-you, again!

It’s been exactly 2 months since my session with you and my health has improved incredibly! 
From that day forward I’ve had none of the discomfort that was there previously. I’m feeling much more nourished and able to live better as a result!
– Rob Spencer

“I had a grade 3 injury to my left shoulder due to an accident.

Before Hilary started working on me the pain was at a 10 – then when she worked on me it went down to a 5, within a couple of minutes!

The next day Hilary worked on me some more and the pain started to subside and went right down to a level 1.

I’m amazed, Hilary, so far you are the best in helping with this type of injury.  Thank you.”
– Thomas DiGregorio


I couldn’t remember a time when I didn’t have intense tightness in my shoulders and neck. It was constant, day to day tension that wouldn’t go away regardless of what I did. Even though massage relieved some of the tension temporarily, it wasn’t long before it was back. I just learned to live with it and accepted this relentless discomfort as stress.

That is, until Hilary worked on me energetically. It took only about 15 minutes, OVER SKYPE, for her to lift the tension, and for the first time EVER, I became instantly and completely free from the knots and tightness in my shoulders! I couldn’t believe it! I kept moving my neck and shoulders around trying to feel the pain and tightness and I couldn’t.

I am still in awe at how quickly this worked and I am deeply grateful. Thank you so much Hilary.

For anyone who wants to rid themselves from suffering, (either physical or emotional), I highly recommend reaching out to Hilary.”
– Marisa Ferrera, Relationship Coach, MarisaFerrera.com


“Hilary’s sessions reduced my pain and dizziness from 8 or 9, to 1 or 2.  I’ve been suffering for 5 years.  The pain relief was truly amazing!  I recommend Hilary to everyone I meet that has any health issues.”
– Andrew Greig


“I had the good fortune of experiencing a session with Hilary, and let me tell you… within minutes I was feeling lighter. Up until that point my stress level was through the roof and I walked around feeling like bricks were sitting on my head. I was also exhausted and suffered from insomnia.

Now I sleep through the night, feel lighter, brighter, more vibrant and fully alive. Even my friends and colleagues have noticed.

Thank you, Hilary, for working your magic.”
– Lily Estay


“The time with Hilary Gatehouse, was the quickest most effective relief I’ve ever felt on a physical level.

I’m truly grateful!”
– Rob Spencer


“I’d suffered for over 10 years with debilitating stress and intense tightness in my neck that is until I had the good fortune of having a session with Hilary. In a matter of 8 minutes all stress and neck tightness were GONE!!! Permanently!!! Seriously, I highly recommend Hilary to anyone who suffers. She is the real deal.”
– Grets


“I had just been diagnosed with a mass on the lower part of my thyroid. I felt as though there was a “ball” in my throat making it difficult to swallow.

After a session with Hilary, I was able to advise her that the “Ball” was gone from my throat and swallowing had become much easier.

Thank you Hilary for your professional care, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to others.
– Ann Edwards, Peterborough, Ontario


“Severe Neck Tension – GONE!! Last month Hilary worked on me briefly. In those few minutes she completely neutralized the neck discomfort I’d had for over 2 years!! Thank you, Hilary. You’re the best!”
– John Miles, Running Room


“Hilary is a highly effective Accelerated Recovery Specialist, and I feel fortunate to have found her.  I had been experience pain in my right shoulder for 4 years.  In one session Hilary significantly reduced this.  She then did a follow-up session to clear the next layer, which had come up as a result of me finally paying it attention!  In that session she completely removed the pain in that area.  I’m absolutely delighted with the results and will be recommending her to friends and clients, and possibly anyone who’ll listen!”
– Ellouise Heather, The Confidence Conduit, Author and Master Coach


Hilary uses her proprietary recovery process based on her knowledge and mastery of the mind-body connection, neuroscience and reiki, to accelerate recovery from injury, chronic conditions and even illness.

All sessions are done by phone or Skype, and are FAST and EASY.

During a session with Hilary, you will be asked to focus your full attention on the affected area(s) for short periods of time. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.


Accelerated Stress Buster

30 minutes @ $75.00
This service is great for those who are currently experiencing stressful circumstances in their life, and consequently suffering from chronic stress related issues such as Pain/Tightness in
– Neck
– Shoulders
– Back

Accelerated Anxiety Buster

30 minutes @ $75.00
If you experience Anxiety and/or Anxiety related issues that limit your life, this service is a good one for you, especially if you suffer from
– Tightness in your throat, chest or stomach
– Nausea or Headaches

TIP TOP Ready (for Important Events)

15 minutes @ $50.00
30 minutes @ $75.00
If you are preparing for, or have been invited to, an event that is important to you (eg: exam, party, interview) and want to be at your very best, this service is great for exactly those occasions.  A Tip Top Ready session can reduce stress/anxiety and increase your ability to show up calm and confident.

Stress Buster Audio

Anxiety Buster Audio


Take matters into your own hands.

Now you can experience instant relief just by listening to your customized audio from your phone.

Imagine what it would be like to live a new found freedom?

You can now find relief from Stress or Anxiety anywhere, anytime.

Hilary will record a customized recording specific to your needs. These recordings can be downloaded into your phone and listened to regardless of where you are.  If in public, you can simply pop in your ear buds and listen.  They are both very short (less than 5 minutes) and highly effective.

Custom Audios are $47/ea. Special Introduction price: $25/ea.

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Please note that all sessions are done over phone or Skype.
(Sessions outside of Canada or US will be over SKYPE.)

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

Hilary Gatehouse

Accelerated Relief Specialist


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